Recent Reads | January 2018

Whilst it’s not the end of January just yet, I have already read 8 books and I’m onto my ninth at the moment. January is always a great reading month for me as it’s a new year and I have a new reading goals and bookish resolutions which always motivate me to get reading. So here is what I’ve been reading lately.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

After seeing the trailer for the movie and really wanting to see it I decided to pick up the book first as I usually tend to prefer the book to the movie adaptation and so that’s what I did. This book does exactly what it says on the tin (a.k.a the title) and we follow a detective conducting interviews on the train. I don’t want to say much because it’s best to go into these types of books not knowing much. Also, I want to mention this particular cover is so beautiful. All I’ll say in terms of the plot is that I liked it (gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars) and whilst my theory was right that didn’t mean I knew how it would end.

Fire and Thorns and Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

The next two books I read this month were the first and second book in a series I’d heard really good things about. I couldn’t take a picture of them  as I read them both as ebooks however I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Giving the first book a 4 out of 5 and the second book 5 out of 5 stars. I read both of these books in one sitting, one after the other. If that doesn’t tell you how compelling they were then I don’t know what will. I need to read the third and final book in the series super soon!

The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid

This was a spontaneous purchase when picking up another book and saw it was on 2 for £7 offer and boy am I pleased I picked this up. This is my favourite book I’ve read so far this year. Partly because of the great storyline, interesting characters and the many plot twists but also simply because I went into this with no expectations and it was so good. I’ve bought a lot of books this month but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t planning on picking up the sequel to this very soon. Can you guess what star rating I gave this? 5 out of 5 stars.

The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace

This is something I’ve had my eye on for a while now. After reading Connor Franta’s Note To Self last year which contained some poetry, I realised just how much I enjoy reading it and wanted to read some more. I adore the title of this poetry collection and how simplistic the cover is. I’d planned on taking my time with this and reading a poem every now and then until I started reading and next thing I knew I had read it. Whoops.. 4 stars from me.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

I had mixed emotions when reading this this month. I’d been seeing and reading such amazing reviews of this book that my expectations became super high that I worried I wouldn’t like it as much as I wanted to. But thankfully I did enjoy it. It wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it and hope there will be a second book. 4 out of 5 stars.

Arabella of Mars by David D Levine

This was another spontaneous purchase after seeing a review of it and thinking it sounded interesting. Sadly whilst the concept sounded great, this just didn’t compel or excite me like the other books I read did. There was a lot of description and I just found myself reading it so I could finish it instead of reading it fast because I was loving it. So it was a 3 out of 5 stars for me. It was a good book but maybe not quite what I was expecting.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

This was the book I picked up at the same time as The Diabolic and as I loved that book so much I hoped I would enjoy this one as well as I’d also heard positive reviews about this and I wasn’t disappointed. This follows triplets who are all queens but there is only one throne. Great character development and the end of the book blew me away and made me immediately need the next book. 4.5 out of 5.

The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

Finally, this is the current book I’m reading. I’m about 50 pages in so I can’t say too much yet but I thought I would include it in this post. The premise sounds interesting and I’m enjoying it so far so fingers crossed I really enjoy this book too.

So overall I’ve read a lot this month (so far) and I’ve really enjoyed them all which has got me so excited for the year ahead as there are so many books I want to read and ones which are coming out this year. What have you read this month?

Thanks for reading

Kayley x


Makeup Revolution & Soph X Highlight and Eyeshadow Palettes Review!

IMG_4764I mentioned in a recent haul that I picked up the Sophdoesnails and Makeup Revolution eyeshadow and highlighter palettes and was so excited to give them a try. Sophie is a YouTuber who I’ve been watching for a while now. She is really great and I wanted to support her when she announced the release of her very own palette’s. I’ve been testing them out for the past few weeks and so wanted to share my review with you all! So let’s get started:

Packaging: I really love the packaging of both of these palettes. So much so that I haven’t thrown out the outer packaging that the palettes came in yet as I love the combination of the pink and gold design. The actual palettes are super pretty as well. They are like a nude/beige colour and on both of them it says ‘Soph x’ which is a nice little touch and they are set out really nicely. The eyeshadow palette contains a lot of beautiful shades and a really good size mirror inside as well. So first of all a big thumbs up to that!

Price: You can never really complain about Makeup Revolution prices as they are just so good and you get really good quality items for a super affordable price tag. If I remember correctly, the highlighter palette was £8 and then the eyeshadow palette is £10 which is so good considering what you get for your money.

The highlighter palette: First of all this looks beautiful. I like how there are 8 different shades in here to play around with. Some shades which I knew I would love and others such as the pink and purple highlighters which I’ve never tried before so it was nice to try them out. The highlighters are so lovely and pigmented and last very well throughout the day. I’ve had compliments when wearing this palette and for £8 I think this is a great addition to my makeup collection!


The eyeshadow palette: I love this! When I first saw Sophie announce this palette I wasn’t sure how I felt about it because I tend to wear more neutral shades and there are some shades which I wasn’t sure how much use I would get out of. However, I surprised myself with how much I like this. There is a combination of matte and shimmer shades and I didn’t think this would happen but I actually prefer the matte shades in here as they are so pigmented and easy to work with. Every eyeshadow look I’ve come up with I’ve liked and I love how they have cute names for each eyeshadow! It’s a great all year round palette as there are festive colours for Autumn and Christmas but there are also great everyday eye shadows as well!

So overall I’m really impressed with these palettes. I wanted to support Sophie and I love Makeup Revolution as a brand so it was a perfect combination and the palettes themselves are great quality! I think I’m going to be getting a lot of wear out of both of these palettes. If I had to pick a favourite out of the two it would probably be the eye shadow palette just because I’ve been able to create so many beautiful looks with the range of shadows however they are both great palettes! Thanks for reading.

Kayley x

October Favourites!


October was a fab month for me. I discovered so many new lovely products and items and so I cannot wait to share with you all my favourites from this past month. We have everything from fashion, beauty, books and lifestyle so let’s get started!

Beauty Favourites!

I only have two makeup favourites this month however I absolutely loved both of them and so they had to be included in this post as I’ve worn them everyday since buying them. They are the Makeup Revolution x Sophdoesnails palettes. Sophie is a YouTuber whose videos I love watching and so I wanted to pick these palettes up to support her, however the highlighter and eyeshadow palette’s really are fab! I’ve had compliments from separate people on both my highlight and eyeshadow and have recommended this to both of them. The highlighter palette contains 8 beautiful highlighters, all of which I’ve used (the purple being my favourite – who would have thought?!). And every single look I’ve created from the eyeshadow palette has looked great as well. I especially love all of the warm, Autumn/Winter shadows inside and actually the matte eyeshadows are the stars of the show for me.

As for other beauty favourites the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Clay Shampoo and Conditioner have become two of my favourite hair products throughout October. I’d never tried them before but they have worked wonders on my hair. They leave your hair feeling and smelling incredibly clean and fresh which is exactly what I look for in a shampoo and conditioner. I definitely will be repurchasing these when they run out.

Fashion Favourites!

I’ve been in love with my new  jumper which I bought from Debenhams but the brand is Warehouse and this seriously reminds me of all things Autumn, especially pumpkins! This jumper wasn’t the most affordable but it fits me perfectly, is cosy and warm and goes with everything. Perfect for this time of the year and I’ve also had compliments on this as well! I also really needed a new pair of boots this month as the weather has been getting a bit colder and my favourite ones had broke. So when I picked up a new pair of boots from Topshop during October they have also been a firm favourite of mine. They are simple and classic black ankle boots but they do the job well. The design of them means they go with jeans, leggings and skirts really well.

Book Favourites!

I read quite a few books in the month of October and participated in quite a few reading challenges which were so much fun. However, in terms of favourites it would have to be A Gentleman’s Guide To Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. I had wanted to read this book so much so I was pleased to finally get my hands on it and ended up reading it in two sittings. The writing was fab, I liked all three of our main characters who were witty and fun to read from and the whole adventure aspect to this book had me on the edge of my seat as I just couldn’t predict what would happen next. I cannot wait for the next book!

Lifestyle/Random Favourites!

I have quite a lot of random favourites this month so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. The first favourite has to be the Nescafe Toffee Nut Lattes. So basically you can make your own deliciously flavoured coffee at home and these tasted great. I also loved the packaging! I love coffee and it’s fun to try different flavours for Autumn. I also have to mention Halloween. I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of it usually, but this year I tried really hard to get more into the spirit of it and bought a pumpkin and played around with some makeup looks which was pretty fun! Finally, I went to Ikea earlier on this month which was so much fun as it was my first time going and I picked up some fun things like cake mix to make some lemon muffins but everything from the food to the design and items I bought, I really enjoyed and I already want to go back!

So those are the things which I’ve been loving throughout the month of October and even though I can’t quite believe that we are in November already, I have to say I’m pretty excited to see what I get up to this month and can’t wait to start making some Christmas content. Thanks for reading!

Kayley x

October Soundtrack!


So last month I did a new type of post called my September Soundtrack where I shared some of my most played and favourite songs of the past month and I really enjoyed putting it together so I thought I would do the same again but sharing all of my favourite tunes from the month of October. So here is what I’ve been listening to this past month:

Niall Horan ‘Flicker’ album – Now this just had to be the first thing I mentioned when talking about my favourite music throughout October because after hearing lots of good things about this album I thought I would give it a listen and realised that I liked every song from the album so bought the whole thing. I really love the whole vibe of this album and everyday I have a new favourite song. However, I think; On the loose, Seeing Blind, Flicker and Mirrors are my favourites.

Pink ‘Beautiful Trauma’ – I love Pink’s music. I find it so moving and honest and this is a song I’ve had on repeat for the whole month and couldn’t get out of my head.

Taylor Swift ‘Gorgeous’ – Taylor released another song from her new album ‘Reputation’ and I can’t even tell you how excited I am for it’s release as so far I’ve loved every song that has come out. Gorgeous is another great song and I’ve constantly been singing it this past month.

Selena Gomez  & Marshmallow ‘Wolves’ – I really enjoy Selena Gomez’s music, especially her most recent songs and this is another great one. I absolutely love the chorus of this song and the whole thing is super good so I immediately had to buy the song the moment I heard it. Potentially my favourite song of the month!

Charlie Puth ‘How Long’ – I’ve enjoyed Charlie Puth’s music for a long time now and again I really like this song. It’s one that you struggle to get out of your head because it’s so catchy.

So those are some of the music that I’ve been listening to a lot throughout the month of October. Thanks for reading!

Kayley x

NaNoWriMo 2017!

IMG_5272You may or may not know that the month of November is actually National Novel Writing Month. So basically, each year aspiring writers plan on writing a 50,000 word novel, in order to get you in the habit of writing every single day and to stop you from editing as you write and get all of your ideas down on paper! I’ve participated  for the past three years in which I won the first year however the past two years I was unable to complete it due to a busy timetable at university. So, this year I’m excited as I actually have a little more time on my hands in order to really participate and so I thought I would share with you my plans for NaNoWrimo this year!

This year I’m in a unique situation which I’ve never been in before. After finishing university back in summer, I dedicated a huge portion of my time to writing my novel and somehow I managed to finish my first ever draft on the 20th October 2017! I couldn’t believe I had actually finished and even though I knew I had a long way to go, it was an amazing feeling, after all of these years to be able to tick that off of my to-do list. Soooo, this year I won’t be trying to write 50,000 words like I am normally doing but instead editing my first draft which is a ridiculous amount of words and needs a lot of work. It’s  a difficult thing to track as I can’t say “Yay, I wrote 2,000 words today!” but it’s a good way to keep making progress on that novel. So my goal is to read through and edit my first draft for an hour each day as a minimum and so far so good!

And maybe next year I can work on planning out and writing another novel idea?! So I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress and let me know if your participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Thanks for reading!

Kayley x

How To Choose The Right Beauty Advent Calendar For You?


Whether you’ve finished your Christmas shop or haven’t even thought about it yet, there is one thing that a lot of people are buying at the moment and that is their beauty advent calendar so they are all set for December 1st. Personally. I had my very first beauty calendar last year and I got the Tanya Burr one which was a great first calendar as it was super festive, fun and I loved not knowing what was behind each door. But this year I’ve decided to really step it up and put in some real research and time into picking the perfect beauty calendar for this year as there are so many to choose from. So I thought I’d put together a bit of checklist for you and walk you through the step by step process I went through to work out which calendar was perfect for me. So here is what I did:

Write it down – List all of the beauty advent calendars that you’ve seen and are remotely interested in. Whether this is 5, 10, 15 etc. This just allows you to clearly see all of your options.

Set yourself a budget –  There are some beauty advent calendars that are around the £300 mark and whilst the products and packaging are gorgeous and exciting, personally that is way too much money for me to spend on an advent calendar. So work out how much you (or someone who may be buying you one for christmas) are prepared to spend and straight away you can then eliminate some of the calendars you may have first written down. So for me, the Selfridges and Liberty calendars look beautiful but are out of my budget so I crossed them off of the list

What do you want? – Work out what kinds of products you want in your calendar. Do you want everything to be from one brand or multiple ones? If you love skincare, you’re probably not going to want a calendar that is only full of makeup. And most calendars either list the brands or items featured in the calendar on their website or on the back. Even if you don’t want to be spoiled as to the products inside, it gives you a general indication or idea as to what to expect as you want to get your moneys worth.

Do your research – Now if you want to avoid spoilers of what is inside each of the calendars then skip this next point but as I’m treating myself to this calendar I’m not too worried about seeing what’s inside and more than anything I want to make sure I’m getting good value for money. So I typed into Youtube the specific calendars I was interested in and there are loads of video’s out there where people open up all the doors so you can see whats inside and their general thoughts. This was great for me because it open my eyes to calendars that I hadn’t even been considering getting and immediately helped me cross a few calendars off of my list.


Score the calendars – As I watched several unboxing calendar videos, I sat down with a cup of coffee, a notepad and a pen. I then wrote down the name of the calendar, how much it was, the general type of products inside (basically any key information about the calendar). I then scored the calendar out of how many doors there were with how many products I was excited about. This really changed the game for me as there were calendars with lots of products I had tried before, some that were a little disappointing or some that really stood out.

Eliminate – After this I was then left with four potential calendars to buy. The Makeup Revolution calendar (£30) as it’s all makeup, I like the brand and don’t own anything already featured inside. Next up was the NYX calendar (£50) which only contained lip products, some shades I loved but there were several I didn’t think I would wear. Then there was the M&S (£35) calendar which is a brand I hadn’t planned on looking into but after watching the unboxing and seeing what’s inside is now a strong contender. And finally the Look Fantastic calendar (£79) which is at the top of my budget however 22/25 products inside I was interested in trying.

Eliminate some more– I then tried to eliminate four calendars down to two. The Look Fantastic calendar looked great but was pretty expensive and in theory I could buy both the Makeup Revolution and Marks and Spencer calendar for less than that. And whilst the NYX looked really different and fun, I wouldn’t use certain lip shades personally and it was more expensive that the other two options.

Weigh up your options and choose – So I was left with Makeup Revolution which is one that is the most affordable and I’m likely to like everything inside. However the M&S calendar contained a variety of brands and types of products. With this calendar though, you do have to spend £35 in clothing and home before you can buy the calendar which means you are spending more than you think, however it’s a great opportunity to buy a few christmas presents for friends and family and then you can treat yourself as well!

So when the M&S calendar is released on the 9th November I intend on trying to pick it up (fingers crossed it doesn’t sell out). Overall I found these steps really helped me work out which calendar to pick. When I first started thinking about it, I hadn’t even been aware that M&S did a calendar so it shows that doing a little research and taking your time really seemed to help. The calendars I thought I wanted ended up not being the best choice and the ones I hadn’t really thought about came to be the most exciting. Let me know if your getting a beauty advent calendar this year and if so which one?! Thanks for reading!

Kayley x

Blogging Equipment & How I Edit My Photo’s?

IMG_0148When it comes to blogging, I’m definitely not an expert. However over the three years I’ve been doing this, I’ve picked up some tips and advice especially when it comes to what equipment you need, what makes a good photo and how to edit my photo’s. Back when I first started I used a half broken camera and relied on good natural lighting and a strike of inspiration on what to use in the background of my photo’s. It’s clear to see that my photo’s have improved from those first ones. So I thought I’d share a few old photo’s in relation to one of my most recent ones, a few tips and what apps and equipment I use to take photo’s for my blog.

Equipment – Ever since my broken camera failed on me back in the day, I have used and relied on my phone to take all of my photo’s. I am looking to get a new camera however I currently have the iPhone 7 plus and in my opinion the camera on it is pretty great. What I like about using my phone is that is so easy and often if I take a good photo I might want to post in on social media and I feel like it’s the easiest way to do so.  You will then need a laptop, computer, iPad or even your phone to write and upload the post. I guess that technically you could do the whole thing using your phone, but personally I take photo’s on my phone, edit them also on my phone via a few apps and then upload them to my laptop and write the post on that. You can buy expensive equipment of course, especially if your doing it professionally, but all you really need is something to take the photo with and somewhere to write and upload the post. However, there is no right or wrong way to do it, however if your just starting out your blog, I feel like the best thing to do is just use what you have around you such as your phone.

How I take a good photo – In terms of taking a good photo I still rely upon good natural lighting and use my phone. I think the key is to try and get your photo as good as you can when taking it and that way editing can be kept to a minimum. You also need a good background that isn’t going to hide or crowd the item your trying to photograph. Things like magazines, flowers, desks or even a blanket are a few options.

Photo I took for my blog back in 2015 vs most recent photo

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at taking photo’s but here is a side by side of one of my first photo’s and my most recent photo for my blog and personally I think I’ve improved. This is mainly because over the years I’ve updated my phone so my camera is better, I’ve also figured out what backgrounds work and I’m more used to working with filters and trying different things out! As you can see from the two photo’s above, the one I took back in 2015 is far too bright and the accessories I used for the photo aren’t really necessary or relevant.

How I edit my photos – I use a few apps. First of all I use the app called Afterlight which I believe I had to pay for but it wasn’t that expensive and it allows you to crop and rotate the image, adjust the brightness and saturation and there are also some filters. Now seen as I talk about beauty on my blog I want to keep the editing to a minimal. If I’m talking about the perfect shade of lipstick I can’t edit it so much that it shows a completely different colour to the actual lipstick. Usually I just up the brightness, crop it a little and have a play around with some filters. Another app I like is called Layout which I believe is for Instagram and you basically add as many photo’s from your camera roll and you can have images side by side, four photos in one bigger photo etc. If you’ve read my blog before you might have seen a large square with four various photo’s in. That’s the main reason I use the app because if the blog post features more than one topic, I like to give the reader an idea as to what the post will be about and what kinds of things will be featured. Finally I like to use the app, Over which allows you to add text, add stickers etc to your photo and I mainly use this to write the title of the blog post over the photo.

So that is a little more info on what equipment I use, how I edit my photo’s and general advice for anyone who maybe interested in started a blog or if any of you were just a bit curious as to what I use! Thanks for reading!

Kayley x

What To Do On October 31st When Your Not A Big Fan of Halloween?!

IMG_4299So Halloween is tomorrow and whilst I absolutely love this month I have to say that personally Halloween isn’t my favourite day of the year. I don’t like scary things or watching horror films and my days of trick or treating have long gone. So usually Halloween for me consists of doing nothing special. I mean last year we didn’t even get any trick or treaters rounds?! All the more sweets and candy for me…. However this year I’m really trying to embrace it. So if your like me and are not typically a fan of Halloween or you simply don’t know how to spend halloween then here is a selection of things to do for those of us who are trying to embrace a day we aren’t really a fan of!

Dramatic/ halloween themed makeup – Halloween is on Tuesday so most people will be at school or work throughout the day anyway but whether your home all day or only have the evening I like to be a little more dramatic with my makeup, I mean it’s halloween after all. I like to play around with black lipstick and create a smokey eye, even if I’m not planning on going out anywhere and as a makeup enthusiast this is always lots of fun, even if its just for the Instagram photo.

Food and drink – On your way too or from work grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte and if your like me and haven’t yet tried one then today of all days is the perfect day to try one. If you enjoy baking you could bake a pumpkin cake or some gingerbread biscuits in the shapes of ghosts and this would also be fun if your entertaining younger siblings or children etc. plus you get a delicious treats at the end of it!

Decorate a pumpkin – This is a super fun activity to do as you can add glitter, funny faces or if your quite lazy like me then there are plenty of fake pumpkins out there that look beautiful to help decorate your house to look and feel a little more halloween themed.

Candles – Halloween is the perfect day/ evening to light up a few deliciously scented candles to help create a spooky or cosy atmosphere. Personally I’ll be using my Spiced Pomegranate Cider candle that I got from B & M and a peppermint scented candle I got last year!

Pamper evening – Treat yourself (see what I did there?) to a few bits from Lush’s halloween products or pick up some of The Body Shop’s vanilla pumpkin body care range and have a lovely, relaxing evening if your like me and will be staying far away from the horror section on Netflix.

Read a spooky book by the fire – Read a spooky or mysterious book whilst sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate and the sweets that you bought for the trick or treaters, they won’t mind…

So those are a few things that I’m thinking of doing to try and embrace halloween when honestly I’m not the biggest fan. There will be no fancy dress parties or horror film watching for me, but a cosy evening of warm drinks, comfort food, a pamper evening and a good book by the fire sounds perfect for me! Thanks for reading!

Kayley x

Autumn Morning Routine!


As the weather has now become much cooler, I’ve been getting back out the cosy jumpers and the fire has been on in the evening. So naturally, my morning routine has altered a little with it now being Autumn so I thought I would share with you my Autumn morning routine. Now I don’t do this every morning, but this roughly my daily routine this autumn with a bit of what I did throughout the day thrown in as well!


As always an Autumn morning wouldn’t be the same without a warm, comforting healthy breakfast and so with my morning cup of coffee I made myself some cinnamon porridge with berries and honey on the top. This is super filling and great for cold mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed. It tastes amazing and is pretty healthy for you.


After breakfast I had a shower using my Garnier Ultimate Blends Maple Shampoo and Conditioner. Now I won’t lie to you, I picked up this shampoo and conditioner because the packaging and the scent is very autumnal but actually they are pretty great products. They smell amazing but they also make my hair feel super soft and they work great on my dry hair.

Makeup and Outfit

After getting changed into my favourite red and white striped t-shirt from Next with a comfy pair of blue jeans and boots it’s time to do my makeup and of course I switched a few bits up for the change of season. A few items in particular that I’ve been loving are my Nars tinted moisturiser as I’ve been preferring a lighter base and it’s fab. I’ve also been using the Tanya Burr Illuminating powder every single day. It’s like a bronzer and highlighter in one and is just beautiful and glowing. I’ve also found back out and started  using my Mac single eyeshadow in the shade ‘woodwinked’ again as it’s a beautiful golden/bronze shade and whether you pair it with another product or just use it on it’s own, it works perfectly! In terms of lip products I’ve been picking up my L’Oreal matte lip paint in the shade ‘babe-in’ almost daily. It feels soft and silky, is pretty moisturising and the colour is perfect for autumn!


Finishing touches 

A few last minute, autumnal touches to my morning routine was my YSL Black Opium perfume that I got back in January. It’s such a nice scent for autumn/ winter but it isn’t too strong or overwhelming for daytime which I like. And my skin has been feeling quite dry lately so I’ve been relying on my hand cream on a daily basis and so why not use some of Zoella’s Hungry Hands hand cream which smells of vanilla and gingerbread!

Check social media 

Of course I had to include this in my morning routine because whilst this isn’t just for autumn, this definitely is part of my daily routine and I particularly enjoy scrolling through all of the autumn themed posts and pictures to get me in the mood for autumn, as if I wasn’t already!

Head out of the door

So usually this is the point where I head out for the day. On the day I decided to write this post I went shopping and had a pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks and picked up a new book that I really wanted! So I had a pretty autumn filled day. Thanks for reading!

Kayley x



5 Reasons Why I’m Loving Instagram Right Now!

IMG_4421 (1)Instagram has always been one of my favourite social media accounts as I’m a very visual person and often love getting lots of inspiration and just generally enjoy creating and posting my favourite photo’s throughout the year. I always love waking up in the morning and scrolling through other people’s posts and I’m constantly refreshing my page however, I’ve been especially loving Instagram at the moment so I thought I would talk about a couple of reasons why.

Love of Photography 

I’ve always loved taking photo’s. Whether they are of my breakfast, an amazing view or a a photo with family and friends. I thoroughly enjoy capturing a moment that I can keep forever and Instagram is a great place to post them. I love scrolling through my own page and seeing what sort of thing I was getting up to this time last year but also I get a lot of inspiration through other people’s photo’s as there is some amazing photography on Instagram. I also enjoy being creative. Like for one of my most recent posts, I got out a game of Scrabble and searched through all of the letters to spell out ‘Hello October’ because I love creating something and I’m so happy with the outcome. Photography is also one of the reasons why I love blogging so much!

Instagram Themes

I feel like when it comes to themes people either love them or hate them. As making sure you use the same filter or have the same colour scheme for every photo you upload can take a lot of time and work, although the results do look great! On the other hand some people don’t care about that and just want to post a selection of random photo’s that they feel like uploading and I like that it’s totally customisable. It’s your Instagram page so you can create a theme or not. I’ve never really been too set on sticking to a theme, although as I’m obsessed with Autumn at the moment I have made a bit of an effort to keep the colour scheme very autumnal and I’m actually really liking it.

Instagram Stories and Instagram Lives

When Instagram first started doing this I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it but recently I have been loving it! As someone who loves watching vlogs on Youtube and loves all things lifestyle, I love how this is immediate and allows you to have a lot of interaction with the people you follow. I’ve watched many insta-lives and asked questions which have been answered and I just enjoy how interactive and natural they are because they are live!

Discovering new people 

I’m constantly discovering new bloggers, photographers and creators on Instagram. Whether someone likes my photo and I browse on their page or I go onto the explore page and see a photo I like. As I mentioned before it’s such an inspirational place and I like how you can discover and interact with people you may not have discovered otherwise by your shared love for photography.


Now I keep talking about how inspirational I find it. I don’t know if its just the people who I follow, but when I wake up in the morning there is a sea of ‘morning’ posts whether it’s an autumn photo or one of food, books etc where people talk about what they are getting up to today or maybe sharing a recipe or a new book or fashion item they are liking. I often browse through the stories and often people provide links to clothing items they are wearing. So there is just a lot of variety and creative inspiration which really motivates me for some reason.

So those are 5 reasons why I’m really enjoying Instagram right now. All of these things aren’t necessarily new to Instagram but what I like about it is that whether I’m in a phase where I’m posting all of the time or I don’t really post much, I find so much inspiration from there and its definitely been my go to, favourite social media recently so I thought I would share a few reasons why. Also, if your not already I would love it if you went over and gave me a follow if your not already. You can follow the link on my homepage 🙂 and of course feel free to leave me your links below as well as like I’ve been saying this whole post I love discovering new people and photo’s! Thanks for reading

Kayley x